International Retail Energy Provider Results

International Retail Energy Provider

EE Incentives partnered with a premier international retail energy provider to create a robust, unique, and relevant points and loyalty program which increased customer acquisition, retention, and engagement while reducing customer churn and attrition. With this current and ongoing program, positive indications were seen as early as 6 months into the program, and definitive positive findings were proven after 24 months of program maturity.

Net Promoter Score* Results

Non-member NPS 4.5

Member NPS 35.6

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric to determine customer satisfaction used by multiple industries.
Net Promoter Score Improvement

31.1 point NPS difference between reward members and non-members

Additional Amazing Results


1.2 million program participants

Increase Conversion Rate

31% increase in conversion rate

Increase Sales Effectiveness

29% increase in sales effectiveness

Increase Conversion rate

Increase in email capture rate from 31% to 72%

Decrease Customer Issues and Requests

Decreased customer service issues and requests compared to previous incentives

Decrease Customer Attrition

Average decrease of 47.3% in customer attrition