Financial Institution Results

Financial Institution

A leading financial institution serving a wide range of consumer, business, and institutional clients through its 1,500 branches, partnered with EE Incentives to address their cross-sell and paperless statement adoption initiatives.

Cross-Sell Programs for Account Acquisition

Using our rewards platform, this program was used to acquire new account holders, and adopt AutoPay for home and auto loans, while simultaneously lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Acquisition

Increased customer acquisition

Wire Transfer

Reduced acquisition costs by 25%

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction and experience

Mortgage Cross-Sell Program Savings: $944,450

Paperless Statement Adoption Program

This program was designed to convert consumer checking, saving and money market accounts from paper to paperless statements, and had significant results by using our rewards platform.


32% increase in conversion rate from paper to paperless

Online Banking

Promotes use of online banking

Operational Cost Savings

Significant operational cost savings

Email Capture

Opportunity to capture email

Relevant Rewards

Provides relevant reward


Further supported corporate sustainability initiatives

Annual Cost Savings for Institution: $181,022