Our Platforms

Self-Serve Reward Platform

Reward Builder

Reward Builder puts the power to reward in your hands. You can easily order employee Rewards through our self-serve administrative platform with no contracts, fees, or minimums.

Reward Platform
Reward Platform

Customized Reward Platform

Our rewards platform helps to position your programs for success. By customizing our solution to meet your goals, we look to have higher take rate on key business objectives and performance metrics. Our rewards can enhance your customer and employee engagement strategy, and help to make an impact on how you do business.

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Points Platform

An effective points and loyalty platform will drive long term retention, engagement, and overall satisfaction. At EE Incentives, we can accomplish these goals and others while reducing your current loyalty costs by UP TO 50%. Our platform can be leveraged in a variety of campaigns and channels including: customer acquisition, employee engagement, contract renewal, retention, proactive churn, upsell, and cross-sell.

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Points Platform
Direct Fulfillment

Direct Fulfillment

Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, our warehouse and fulfillment team customize end to end solutions for our partners to meet their program objectives. We offer inventory management with delivery reports and serial capture. We can create fully branded boxes, kits, and inserts. We service all our partners with in-house customer service.

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Here's how we can help

Our solutions have proven to be successful for various business goals and objectives. Here are some example of the types of programs, initiatives, or campaigns our platforms can help you with.

  • Customer Programs

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Renewal
  • Loyalty
  • Engagement
  • Winback
  • Appreciation
  • Goodwill/Appeasement
  • Business Initiatives

  • Cross-sell
  • Up-Sell
  • Closer
  • Paperless Conversion
  • Referral
  • Bill Pay
  • Sustainability
  • Employee Campaigns

  • Recognition
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Health and Safety initiatives
  • Holidays
  • Participation
  • Attendance
  • Goodwill