Global / Top Telecom Provider Results

Global / Top Telecom Provider

EE Incentives partnered with a leading telecom company with over 100 million customers in 225 countries and territories worldwide.

Customer Acquisition Program

This program allowed the Inside Sales department to acquire new customers and create additional sales by issuing a reward with broad appeal, at their discretion, using a custom designed platform.

Customer Acquisition

Over 1.7 million customers acquired in 12 months

Wire Transfer

Extremely profitable revenue stream, generating over $300 million in new revenue

Small Business Loyalty Program

This retention points/loyalty program rewarded customers for their monthly spend on products and services, resulting in reduced churn rates and increased customer loyalty. Points were redeemable for: gift cards, Visa® prepaid cards, merchandise, and statement credits.

Churn Rate Reduced

Churn rate reduced by 48.1%


Significant customer loyalty created

Customer Engagement

Increased customer engagement

Paperless Billing and AutoPay Programs

This campaign offered a $25 reward redeemable for energy efficient products, to wireless customers who signed up for paperless billing or AutoPay.

Paperless Billing

Successful adoption of paperless billing and AutoPay

High-value Incentives

Ability to offer a high-value incentive to customers at a low cost

Relevant Rewards

Relevant rewards that complement the paperless billing and AutoPay programs